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Happy New Year!
Friday, 9 January, 2015
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whineup  *  12-Jan-2015
guess me late like toonman but HAPPY NEW YEAR my TOON FAM all the best for 2015 n beyond :)
TBOY  *  10-Jan-2015
Happy New year to all. May this year be fill with peace, blessings and success. For those of you who are mourning may you find comfort.
G-Baby  *  9-Jan-2015
Yes LG when dessert sweet u wan another round lol
Pancake man  *  9-Jan-2015
yes LG i like the Mask part... so toonman call all of us together to have a social or an toon retreat lol lol its a new year, this is the year for possibilities... anything is possible
LG  *  9-Jan-2015
lol @ Femme.. Do you mean like wear mask with little name tags that says "Guess Who" or hello my is: Bob? lol So this will be the first "Toonhead Convention" lol... Well just plan to get there early for the meet and greet appetizer session.. before G-Baby and PM.. Gbaby like double desserts and PM seems to love his
Femme Pouvoir  *  9-Jan-2015
Well why not next year or year end let all your fans come together and have a little get together and socialize a little without letting out our identities. Who knows what might happen a little surprise event
G-Baby  *  9-Jan-2015
i surely wud like to be in that prison
Pancake man  *  9-Jan-2015
OMG you want classy and expensive stuff lol lol HOT YOU go on bad LG.... I ainnt vex with toonman, his toons give me a sense of happiness in this place :)
LG  *  9-Jan-2015
and just you know PM..LG would make even the worst looking prison suit look fab!...and wine would be served with dem crackers and cheese..and not no old crix and govment cheese either...would be Harrods crackers & Gorau Glas cheese! Just so you
LG  *  9-Jan-2015
The Thanks goes out to you Toonman...... YEAH! YEAH yada yada yada to you three below...the man deserves a break so Just say thanks.. Without Tman a whole lot a people in this office would be in trouble... Tman gives me my Whoosah So I thank him.. Plus he deserves a raise, an assistant, a new computer and a month vacation from SKNVIBES... (what else you say again Tman) ...oh yeah a company phone, private car with driver, crayon allowance and his them people stop eat his
Pancake man  *  9-Jan-2015
*ToonVille... with all the Toonheads.... Right Toonman lol lol
Pancake man  *  9-Jan-2015
Well Toonman they say BETTER LATE THAN NEVER but thank you so much...Pancake Man will always be here, even when undertaker come infront me door lol lol and I agree Rough House (bald head) SAY SOMETHING TO PEOPLE LET US HELP.... you cant do it alone, we try give ideas.... LG in a prison suit eating crackers and cheese lol lol hahahahhahaha
cavelle  *  9-Jan-2015
Rough House* I so agree we are here to help
Rough House  *  9-Jan-2015
HAPPY NEW YEAR Toonman, LG, and the rest of the group. However, Toonman you started off the year bad! Next time try to reach out to your supporting fans by another line of communication, and let us know what's going on.
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