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Some Comic Relief
Wednesday, 14 January, 2015
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Pancake man  *  15-Jan-2015
Naaaaaaaaaaaarrr man Toonman tell LG that you aint no disney fantasia hippopotamus dancing lol lol lol hhahahahahahahahahahahaha
whineup  *  15-Jan-2015
Whineup too big aka solid to dance up she toes, you would never find with a ballerina dress...sms
G-Baby  *  15-Jan-2015
LOL toonman i jus watch d video of u an u staff lol LG mashing u up boy
G-Baby  *  15-Jan-2015
OMG whats wid toonman today???
LG  *  15-Jan-2015
PM I have it all on Video!!!... Toonman and his office staff big debut............. ....... and see Toonman eating the grapes to prove it!
Pancake man  *  15-Jan-2015
Toonman show them that you is Jack of all trades hahahahhahahaahhahaha this is funny... I really tell you that I dont want no politricks lol lol
LG  *  15-Jan-2015
Morning long as Toonman don't flip a scarf and start singing "I'm Coming Out"..........LOL.... Toonman please put that dress back "In the Closet" or give it back to
Pancake man  *  15-Jan-2015
LG i think toonman trying to blow off some steam lol lol WUK IT Toonman.... why didnt you turn around or spin for us lol lol lol ool
Pancake man  *  15-Jan-2015
annnnnyyyyyyywwwwwaaaaayyyyyy Yes cavelle that is you... previous toon Mr Toonman drew all of us so SMILE NUH you aint see Toonman put on a TooToo for we lol lol lol lol lool lol
Pancake man  *  15-Jan-2015
look toonman tell Sknvibes fix their commentiing issue.... It took me 10 mins to get a comment out SIGH
Femme Pouvoir  *  14-Jan-2015
This is much better as after reading the many political drama next door everyday I hate to come here seeing the same or similar thing. TO A WONDER IF THAT IS TOON MAN GIRL
tripod  *  14-Jan-2015
lets talk about chickin wings! lol
LG  *  14-Jan-2015
Cavelle TM think he got more jokes than LG, but all a have to say when a see him in that yellow tutu dress is.....(drum roll please).... Its a good thing he didn't put N in front that T on the back of the dress he wearing...LOL
cavelle  *  14-Jan-2015
LG this one sweet me
whineup  *  14-Jan-2015
LG  *  14-Jan-2015
LOL.... Toonman didn't want to call name, but LG That is Femme!.... lol.. Toonman I luv your ballerina/mickey mouse / bumble bee / nerd outfit!... LOL..okay we will give you a
cavelle  *  14-Jan-2015
that gir look like me looking to see todays toon wow you look good in yellow oh my
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