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Will It Happen?
Thursday, 15 January, 2015
3 Recommends
LG  *  16-Jan-2015
lol...Anyway a still have de flit... and ready to use it..LOL
G-Baby  *  16-Jan-2015
LOL a c all they comments for real bout 4 a them jus cum in an done wan cum run we show
LG  *  16-Jan-2015
Gbaby.... Toonman next toon needs to be a "BYE FELICIA" cause all these Random people come in here yesterday cussing de man!.. Toonman just put up you hand and tell them.... "BYE FELICIA" they can google that in the Urban Dictionary! lol
LG  *  16-Jan-2015
LOL @ GBaby
G-Baby  *  16-Jan-2015
Toonman today is friday where's the toon for today?
whineup  *  16-Jan-2015
Fabs why are you upset over this toon? I have never ever seen a comment from you before, your name is not familiar to me which means you are a foreigner to Toonville. So you come here with you're foreign tongue trying to run we show....sms care we deport you for Cliffford go so >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
whineup  *  16-Jan-2015
Yh LG GBaby sound like she high for true.....sms
pancake man  *  15-Jan-2015
no LG no i wont lol lol
Bottom in the road  *  15-Jan-2015
I guess this is another one of the crime minister's plot to gain votes. Hope they remember after he do this for them, right after he gets back in, if he does, they going get lock up for smoking weed. He has six tongue, so Rasta men, please vote with sense.
clifford change is unstoppable  *  15-Jan-2015
F A B S, if you read my comment you will see that i was not being specific about change i meant it in the broad sense of the term not just political. With that said the est of my input was obviously going to be about politics since the cartoon itself depicts that plus we are in a political season you don't expect the toon man to cater to your needs only. Selfish much??
F A B S  *  15-Jan-2015
F A B S  *  15-Jan-2015
This politics thing going to far now man you all making me want to stop read. cartoon suppose to make you laugh especially when u are sad not make u upset.
clifford change is unstoppable  *  15-Jan-2015
I don't think it matters what happens right now. The majority of people have already made up their minds that they are voting for a new government in team unity a government of transparency and inclusion a government with constructive plans to give us relief from the economic quagmire douglas has brought our country into while sticking us with the bills to pay in the form of 17% vat and 85% electricity. Our country will vote for the use of the SIDF resources to pay down the debt instead of selling it away to wealthy foreigners who want to advert economic sanctions of the civilized world and engage in other acts of criminality. Team unity's plans will save the people millions in tax every year and the trickle down affect will be enormous. Change is coming citizens embrace it, it's for the best. Vote Team Unity.
LG  *  15-Jan-2015
**correction** Frame 4
LG  *  15-Jan-2015
See Toonman... Lets say if that was you and you're boss above and frame three said....."Stop wid de politics" then SHANALULU wouldn't a strupes and tripod would STAY whey he dey!,,, but you have to listen to your boss so I understand!!!! but we on political overload right about now...
tripod  *  15-Jan-2015
makes me want to come back on the boat to st kitts if it going to happen
SHANALU  *  15-Jan-2015
LG  *  15-Jan-2015
You go on!... all by You and PM!.. You got mouth this Toon is just for you.. I see you have PM in de video... LOL.. I cant even tek asprin without getting LG too tall for these nonsense... It would go straight to my head and knock me flat on me saree...not LG
G-Baby  *  15-Jan-2015
Hey LG hey PM give me sum a u sensi
G-Baby  *  15-Jan-2015
Telling u real big tune (a wanna get high so high) lol
LG  *  15-Jan-2015
G-Baby.... Here's your looking good gyul! ..
G-Baby  *  15-Jan-2015
LG  *  15-Jan-2015
LOL @ G-Baby... Ah didn't want to name you fuss...LOL, but since you answer and want rope me in....well then Gyul G-Baby...You can come out a hiding now.... LOL
G-Baby  *  15-Jan-2015
LOL telling u LG u hear wa going on
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