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Be Careful What You wish For
Friday, 16 January, 2015
5 Recommends
LG  *  16-Jan-2015
Well is two she dreaming bout....ha ha to that!..And yes PM A MAYBACH 57S would have been better... and RH a kipping de ride a have... took me too long to bruk that in. so... these new engines nowadays don't last past warranty! So!!!! (wink wink)
Pancake man  *  16-Jan-2015
hahhhaaha funny LG just funny NOT lol lol as you see its 3 persons there standing... you cant count now lol and yes RoughHouse she need to wish into a better trans... I dont know what kind of trans that, dont know you we like class not trash
LG  *  16-Jan-2015
PM & RH.....If that's supposed to be me or G-Baby making that wish...Then can I ask if that's both of you (PM & RH) standing there naked and drooling with a bunch of missing body parts? Even the car is dressed or decked out and see Toonman couldn't find body parts or clothes for the two of you? Mmmmmmm!
Rough House  *  16-Jan-2015
LG, where you at? I need to take you to this wishing well and make a wish that u can turn into a better ride.
Pancake man  *  16-Jan-2015
hahahahhaahahhaahahahahha that's LG, want to impress Mr LG or is that Gbaby trying to look a new years man still lol lol lol hahhahaahhahahaha
Colours  *  16-Jan-2015
Arghhghghg this made me laugh. Love yourself how you are!
Femme Pouvoir  *  16-Jan-2015
It is a wish still as at least she didn't use some botox and enhancement injections and she can't even realise that the men like this too. Toonsman I love this wishing well bring one in SKN for me so that I can get a car like that but with a neutral color thought not political Color
whineup  *  16-Jan-2015
Well sah.....
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