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An Unexpected Surprise
Monday, 19 January, 2015
5 Recommends
fletcher  *  26-Jan-2015
whoiiiiiiiii....... suit e
whineup  *  20-Jan-2015
She shoulda leave d glasses inside n tone down d make up a bit n fix she hair
Pancake man  *  20-Jan-2015
Of course Choosen one you would go with her.... you tooooooo nasty
Pancake man  *  20-Jan-2015
lol lol watch a ting..... narrrrrrrrrrrrr man not that face nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo RUN Pancake Man Ruuuuunnnnnnnnn lol lol hahahhaaha I dropped my phone but me nar go back for that...... not me tarlllllll
LG  *  20-Jan-2015
Gbaby that look like the Ehhddy Merrphy (name change to protect de innocent......ME!) Tranny encounter...LOL
G-Baby  *  20-Jan-2015
That suppose to be a mole in she face? its not cute at all
choosen one  *  19-Jan-2015
i will do her and do her good
LG  *  19-Jan-2015
Femme that one-eyed cocck is not a chick..the one eye is not the only missing body part!!!! Its missing an adams apple and a few more male unmentionables!
Sazon  *  19-Jan-2015
Wrong thinking dred!
Femme Pouvoir  *  19-Jan-2015
I know for sure this can't be any of those chick's that blog in on the toon site, cause they got food all over including good looks. That guy must be real desperate he needs to check out the malls, supermsrket,etc. Or even the Friday afternoon lime on Fort Street.
tripod  *  19-Jan-2015
she look hungry for something...she looks like a cougar!
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