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What's The Verdict?
Tuesday, 20 January, 2015
3 Recommends
whineup  *  22-Jan-2015
PM lol well is you start it next time hush or go so >>>>>>>>>
Pancake man  *  21-Jan-2015
Mix up again i say I dont want involved myself and im not too educated about this politricks plans and intentions lol lol
Mixup  *  21-Jan-2015
So y he couldn't ketch dem with their pants down B4 now Mr. PM? It is stupid at a time like this, if he so believe he can win with them the way they is/are y don't he prove it then put it on his agenda to be tabled for the future election, its illegal now but it was not those four times he won using them....just saying
Pancake man  *  21-Jan-2015
not to get involved in this politricks but So SO Stupid why you so stupid lol the government was trying to change the boundaries for the longest while but Concoction filing an INJUNCTION everytime they try to change it.... Now the BOSS caught them with their pants down they want file an INJECTION .... come on man.... Dont be so Stupid SO SO Stupid lol lol
So So....Stupid  *  20-Jan-2015
I just find it SOO dumb to be changing boundaries at this eleventh hour. Election is weeks away. This will create SO much logistical problems it aint funny. Common Sense must prevail somewhere. Great cartoon, this is exactly how our nation feels right now.
nappy  *  20-Jan-2015
i don't even know where i voting because both sides having different arguments so i dont know if the injunction was granted in time or if the new changes are in effect
LG  *  20-Jan-2015
RH I actually like this toon even though it's political. This is exactly what the Politrickians enjoy doing... Confusing the voters, telling us what they THINK we want to hear, etc. etc
Rough House  *  20-Jan-2015
LG, me myself is confused like the guy infornt with both hands open. Well the court will decide on Thursday and things are gonna get real ugly fast.
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