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Why The Rush?
Thursday, 22 January, 2015
4 Recommends
Chicken Man  *  23-Jan-2015
tripod was chasing chicken wings
tripod  *  23-Jan-2015
now everyone out to pick on poor old tripod, boo hooooo
LG  *  23-Jan-2015
A going have to nick name RH Melda..cause he up and dung mekking wedding
Slow Down  *  23-Jan-2015
Nice to take a break from the political cartoons (trust me, its hard to laugh at our current political situation). This is a good cartoon, sends a great message
whineup  *  23-Jan-2015
lolol @ RH....speeding gets you nowhere fast, that includes marriage...sms
Rough House  *  22-Jan-2015
FP, sometimes you have to rush for certain things. I rushed to get married to LG and one ton load of knock bout I am getting. That was one thing that didn't need to be rushed.
LG  *  22-Jan-2015
Nicely said Femme, but I'm thinking Tripod & CO are the two drivers and RH & PM are the Sharks... Anyhow.... Nice PSA Toonman. We just lost one in Nev due to this speeding. People please take your time. Whatever you rushing to will be there when you get there!
Femme Pouvoir  *  22-Jan-2015
Buen provecho. RH and Pancake always in a rush I hope they take note and remember this message because it ain't shark alone do eat but worms too
whineup  *  22-Jan-2015
Bon Appetite
Federation  *  22-Jan-2015
Justice, is like the slow dish cooked to perfection!
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