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Personal Hygeine
Tuesday, 27 January, 2015
5 Recommends
LG  *  29-Jan-2015
For Tripod.........
Tripod  *  28-Jan-2015
Hey Winer, why u pick on poor tripod?
whineup  *  28-Jan-2015
A political toon is posted yall mek noise too much politics in Toonville but now yall bringing Politics where it don't belong, #blackpeopleeh
whineup  *  28-Jan-2015
We need to ban a few ppl from out of Toonville, soon yall going need visa to come here, ppl like Tripod & Fedup, a going remove allu
whineup  *  28-Jan-2015
Lolol :)
LG  *  28-Jan-2015
Toonman please bring the peace back to Toonville. Ah you start it with you RING RING RING If you had post a toon bout RING TING TING..The Toonheads would not be fighting! ...... get happy people!
KG  *  28-Jan-2015
It got a stinky man running round making noise causing chaos in sk?
LG  *  28-Jan-2015
Hey guys (Exec & PM) we don't need melee in Toonville...Take your emotions out of your response. (say Whoosah) .lol.. Just put up your hand to the RANDOMS and say....."BYE FELICIA"!!! (with attitude of course)....LOL
Pancake man  *  28-Jan-2015
yes LG i understand... I understand...
Exec  *  28-Jan-2015
So you guys seriously mixing politics in this one even though toonman trying his best to stay neutral. Some ppl just to damn nasty and it has nothing to do with politics, surprisingly alot of our young ppl are not practicing good personal hygiene.
LG  *  28-Jan-2015
BTW PM...those deodorant you referencing sound like a bunch of old men deodorant. I'm going to send you a bottle of Clive Christian No 1 lol..... Old Spice will have you smelling like "Old Mice" and here's a Secret.. Degree have no effect on "BO" LOL
LG  *  28-Jan-2015
Morning you guys. NO PM... I never said it was you...I couldn't have you being the "BUTT" of my jokes while you were not feeling well, but you let me know when you feel or get better....I have a ton load of insults lol or pun to throw your way.... Feel the love yet?
Pancake man  *  28-Jan-2015
naaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrr man Gbaby that aint me... I like to bathe (in hot water) and used DEGREE, SECRET, OLD SPICE deodorants .... that can be me..... LOOK at that BIG TUB of deodorant (no name)
Pancake man  *  28-Jan-2015
hahahaha no LG thats not me... maybe its Choosen One... he aint like to bathe or use deodorant lol lol Look at the NOSE go...with his suitcase and hat lol lol lol and the OCEAN well sah the Sea really parted in TWO hahhahahahahahaha
Pancake man  *  28-Jan-2015
hahahhahahhahahahahahahahhahahah i like it hahhahahahahaha I crying while i laughing.... dis sweeeeettttt me
G-Baby  *  28-Jan-2015
OMG...Sum ppl the really smell like tha fu true unuh....A wonder who is he repin PM is it u? or is u RH? LOL
Kaggs  *  27-Jan-2015
Look like a homeless man..smell like one too.Is that our leader with the receding hairline,bwoy wickedness taking its toll.
Femme Pouvoir  *  27-Jan-2015
Guess what guys forget about people like Pinders, but a lot a young people do be walking around with such scent. With all that water we have here no need for that and what do really vex me after they pass you not even demand expensive perfume from Ashbury can out do them
Kevin  *  27-Jan-2015
The return of the Green Lantern!!!
LG  *  27-Jan-2015
RH that man need to go a bay front or dung a pond go bather. Not in our clean water!
Rough House  *  27-Jan-2015
Well well, if the ocean is staying away from him, I really don't think he'll be able to take a shower. LOL
LG  *  27-Jan-2015
Lol.. That is "Steve The Super Hero" Deodorant going only cover up the stench. He need to go on a lemon and water diet and bathe in lavender bush!.........................
Lioness  *  27-Jan-2015
LOL!! Especially at the nose packing his luggage and leaving haha. PM is that you? lol just kidding
Femme Pouvoir  *  27-Jan-2015
He ain't realized is his perspiration knocking down people and himself and even the sea refusing him a shame
With It  *  27-Jan-2015
Use Strong man bush....ask you grandmudda
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