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How Many Years?
Wednesday, 28 January, 2015
5 Recommends
rig  *  11-Nov-2016
Its better to steal in bulk (1 crate of apples 1 year)
Stingray  *  7-Feb-2015
This is so funny I can stop laughing.
LG  *  30-Jan-2015
Keep complaining you may end up with......JUST ICE!
Pancake man  *  30-Jan-2015
lollol lol nar man.. i will complain until I get justice
LG  *  30-Jan-2015
PM..... Justice is "BLIND" and so is that Judge. LOL.. She based her ruling on 1 Corinthians 2:9............. "What No Eye has Seen..What No heard" So serve your time and quit complaining.. lol
Pancake man  *  30-Jan-2015
Thank you Mathematics, because the judge sending me to jail for 12 years and its only 11 eggs i took up... Choo man Choo lol lol lol
Pancake man  *  30-Jan-2015
hahahhahahaahhahah I would of faint too but I'm the one who stole the EGGS ..... YOUR HONOUR thats too much years for some lousy eggs lol lol come on the time that man who stole the rice get out of jail, he would be in a DUST PIN (bones turn to ashes) hahahahhahahaha
Dee  *  29-Jan-2015
This is funny lmao
whineup  *  29-Jan-2015
Thank you Empress welcome to Toonville :)
whineup  *  29-Jan-2015
Yhh Mathematics need to help us determine the next sentence LG, he better start counting, sms
empress  *  29-Jan-2015
i love reading these comments and the toons... look forward to this DAILY
LG  *  29-Jan-2015
LOL @ Mathematics........maybe he ate the other one for Mathematics...Is you Toonman was asking "How Many Grains"..... LOL
Mathematics  *  29-Jan-2015
There are only eleven eggs in that rack. De judge sending down wrong sentence
MERCY!  *  29-Jan-2015
Lawd Man, they steal food. They are below the poverty line and hungry
sweets  *  29-Jan-2015
Hahahaha This one is damn funny...
whineup  *  28-Jan-2015
LG  *  28-Jan-2015
Question Femme.... How would the judge calculate his sentence if Toonman kept cheese in the Curious..
Femme Pouvoir  *  28-Jan-2015
But look a mudder wuk for what ever you steal is gonna be your sentence-2apples=2 years,12 eggs=12 years, 1 bag rice =100 thousand grains of rice=100 thousand years in prison.LOL
LG  *  28-Jan-2015
LOL.. Thanks for putting animation to this joke Toonman...Some things are worth fine tuning and doctoring"There's nothing new under the sun". It's the spin we put on it that counts!!!!! Funny Toon
Femme Pouvoir  *  28-Jan-2015
This ain't true I heard about cheese but not THIS AS THING SO SWEET AND NICE IN SKN.All you can stop there as things are really hard.
SHANALU  *  28-Jan-2015
thieving toonman lol lol lol lol lol lol hahahahahahaha..... when i got the joke last week i almost peed my skin woieeeeeeeeeeeeee all now a cracking up
Poggy  *  28-Jan-2015
I cannot catch myself. This is Haha-larious
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