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Keep Your Eyes Open
Thursday, 29 January, 2015
2 Recommends
Pancake man  *  30-Jan-2015
LG i so agree with you... OH I feeling abit better but not 100%... but i cant take a few beating lol lol lol if you know what i mean...
G-Baby  *  30-Jan-2015
Guess he wont be after this incident
LG  *  29-Jan-2015
PM they call me all kinda "HELICOPTER PARENT" saying I hover over my children too much, but all I have to say is "You cant make the same child twice" so watch dem like you're a hawk!!!. They are your blessings!
Femme Pouvoir  *  29-Jan-2015
You see it is people like they say these things as no authority do them anything and it is the same ones have on the bright blue lights blinding people.When it comes for the road they are all about themselves and the mother too should have the child holding or have an eye on her knowing full well that the yard is not fenced
Pancake man  *  29-Jan-2015
CORRECTION u HAD one girl... you there chatting up with man and leave the only child you had to run after a ball........... and look at the driver? OMG OMG i have nothing to say about this
LG  *  29-Jan-2015
Nice PSA Toonman. It takes less than a second.
Mixup  *  29-Jan-2015
What if that man driving is her father, hmmmmmm
whineup  *  29-Jan-2015
And she is about to have none,nil, nada and as for Mr. Own the streets he about eat his words or prove heself....sms Love this Toon
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