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Dad On Watch
Monday, 2 February, 2015
6 Recommends
LG  *  6-Feb-2015
PM....non-fat , no cholesterol pancakes?..Well then is the pancake box you eating.. lol... You better come over let me feed you some Ducana, pepperpot and saltfish.... eggplant and plantain too...oh yeah a boil egg or G-Baby for de double A going just Tell Mr. LG...."Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" (with a big grin of course)... LOL
Pancake man  *  6-Feb-2015
its non fat pancakes lol lol.... no cholesterol pancakes lol lol hahahahhahahahaaha I going to the GYM so no bannggg belly lol
LG  *  6-Feb-2015
A done tell you lay off all them CARBS... A goin soon call you MM.. for "Michelin Man" or Dunlop Man... cause you Waist DUN LOP over you Belly! Lay off the CARBS.. lol
Pancake man  *  6-Feb-2015
lol lol lol LG thank you for talking for Gbaby but is her DADDY a de problem, not my plate full of PANCAKES lol lol i love my pancakes with the syrup dripping alllllllllllllllllllll over..........
LG  *  6-Feb-2015
PM G-Baby is a woman of few so a talking for she!... G-Baby say you eat too much..and between them double desserts she like and your stack a pancakes ...e nar go
Pancake man  *  6-Feb-2015
whoooooooooooooooooa Toonman why you treating me so lol lol lol Why I cant date your daughter?? hahahhaahahahha I leave this for Choosen One...... Am I not good enough for Gbaby? lol lol
Amazing!  *  6-Feb-2015
LOL... Pops ain't playin'!!!!
LG  *  4-Feb-2015
Toonman right to go on Vacation till after the 16th. Too much pressure.. lol.. Toonman if you have vacation...tek it.. tek some sick leave too...and if that no wuk.. call een a code MH70.....that way they carn find you!... (just come back after election).... lol
G-Baby  *  4-Feb-2015
LOL miss the toons yh
LG  *  4-Feb-2015
G-baby a know you sitting there singing this song to Toonman....Starring Barney & ..
G-Baby  *  4-Feb-2015
Toon man u feeling ok? did PM give u his sickness?caz main seeing any toon for today
tripod  *  3-Feb-2015
she got de mustache just like daddy, lol
G-Baby  *  3-Feb-2015
LOL u know all d songs
LG  *  3-Feb-2015
Gyul_G. I going have to claim it (moustache) and spend my toon time sparing wid RH...but no worries a have a song for
G-Baby  *  3-Feb-2015
LOL LG toon man got u looking like a man caz RH calming is u lol
whineup  *  3-Feb-2015
Lolol d 2 a u killing me jed, yall funnier than d toon....sms
Rough House  *  2-Feb-2015
LG, the only thing arguable, is the fact that he may have touched you.
LG  *  2-Feb-2015
lol @ RH.. Okay RH the only thing we've agreed to is that.....That's You in the green shirt!!! everything else you've said is arguable..
Rough House  *  2-Feb-2015
LG, that's me in the greens hirt alright. That's the night you invited that guy over. I warned him about touching you and he really did listen and understand what would happen if he did.
TBOY  *  2-Feb-2015
That's a house full of trouble right there run pardna run
Femme Pouvoir  *  2-Feb-2015
Miss de man got to be nervous with all dem trophies you dad get for hunting and with his ghost standing by What you expect not even king Konris could boast about this. He even had to rest his hands in his lap
LG  *  2-Feb-2015
That's RH in the green shirt. and is it just me or does she look like she have a mustache and forehead wrinkles? LOL...Toonman you drew her nose long eh? lol Funny toon. A wonder who the hunting plaques belong to? she or she farad? LOL... Boy... run... lol...They are "KaRazy" lol
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