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Marijuana in the US and St. Kitts Nevis
Friday, 6 September, 2013
8 Recommends
BIG  *  11-Sep-2013
I certainly agree with JP some big name company will manufacture it and sell just like cigeratte... these lil ppl who making lil cash from it now will hold dey head and cry and i tired tell dem so
AverageJo  *  8-Sep-2013
MB, If it were only used to imbibe as an intoxicant then this might be true but the uses for the plant are multiple. It is one of the best sources of fiber for paper, building materials, cloth. One of the best sources of oil for cooking, lubrication and fuel, one of the most versatile food stuffs providing an excellent source of protein for live-stock and man alike and one of the most versatile medicines with a multitude of applications... per acre it is a more valuable cash-crop than tobacco. Don't let the "Man" convince you that it's only use is to burn and get high.
MB  *  8-Sep-2013
In the true economic sense, legalizing marijuana wont make it a cash cow. Who will u sell it 2 when everyone is growing it. Soon, the price will drop because there is an abundance on the market. Eventually, everyone will be on the corner smoking a joint and claiming that it's for their asthma.
JP  *  8-Sep-2013
If Marijuana was legal like that in the States it is big corporations that would make the money not some joker on the street, just look at cigarretes, you dont see people growing Tobacco.
Jen  *  7-Sep-2013
To be correct, marijuana is not legal in all US states and in those few states where it is legal, there are guidelines around what it can be used for etc....
sp  *  6-Sep-2013
you tek down de football one too quick but anyway great job as usual
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