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It's Finally Over
Monday, 23 February, 2015
5 Recommends
Pancake man  *  25-Feb-2015
LG im not laaughing with toonman at all at all at all at all
Pancake man  *  25-Feb-2015
LG im not laaughing with toonman at all at all at all at all
Big Yin  *  24-Feb-2015
Toonman.. good to see you back mehson me think you dead
Tarl  *  24-Feb-2015
Well I was beginning to think Toonman either get fired or he on vacation
LG  *  24-Feb-2015
Are you stap dey and play grin teeth with Toonman. Toonman you need to draw an apology...... LG don't like people abandoning her and then come back like you was at de bar getting free drinks and forget whey you oh wait dey wrong issue.. but anyhow..I was fuming after one week. So once a complete Toon-therapy a will come back wid my two cents!
Rough House  *  24-Feb-2015
Lioness, you're so right. Seems like Toonman was on the fence and was waiting to see who wins that he could have changed his toons.....LOL. Toonman, draw some of those voters on the political fence or draw them crossing over as some would say. I always would stick with my thought about never trusting people when it comes to politics.
EZ No Man  *  24-Feb-2015
Imagine Dat it was not about him not being elected we just wanted him out of de PM high chair, everybody feel say him cant lose but i degree and predict that next election he will....
G-Baby  *  24-Feb-2015
LOL poor duggy but i'm glad its over to wid him in the cage.... wha happen toonman why did u a banded us for so long? we all missed u
Tripod  *  24-Feb-2015
Is dat duggie in the jail?
choosen one  *  23-Feb-2015
yes toonman don't be messing with us like that. you are a bright spot in our day
Imagine Dat  *  23-Feb-2015
Imagine their so called victory and their fight to keep Douglas out of Politics yet he's still an elected member........ woiiiiii sweet me
Femme Pouvoir  *  23-Feb-2015
Pumpa sings release the beast and you locking it away for 5 years you need to lock it away really had to take a break toon man you work too hard for de politicians I hope they paying you
cavelle  *  23-Feb-2015
toonman you had me staving good to see your back
Lioness  *  23-Feb-2015
Toonman you back? Lawd we miss you, we glad it's over too. RH, LG, PM everybody missed you LOL.
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