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Can We Just Talk It Out?
Tuesday, 24 February, 2015
4 Recommends
Pancake man  *  25-Feb-2015
lol lol LG my apology, i didnt know what's in the cup... they say what's in the cup stay in the cup because its your cup lol lol lol lol BUT wait dey why Femme look like HALLIE BERRY aka CATWOMAN hahahahahahaha with her claws up and flying in the air like WONDERWOMAN lol lol lol
LG  *  25-Feb-2015
It's a Frappe-Latte' PM...Thank
LG  *  25-Feb-2015
Well PM if you say a stone..then... a stone then! Maybe is pick-up you was going cause them small gutt stones not going do You and LLCoolJ (aka RH) not putting my Toonman in no hospital...not if it's JNF... are you not going kill off MY (notice ownership)....
Pancake man  *  25-Feb-2015
Gbaby where u going with that BIG pot... to make soup out of toonman lol lol and that girl LG believe she so humble eh... bout she sitting drinking tea lol lol
Pancake man  *  25-Feb-2015
why would i chase Toonman with ice... after all he aint hot or melting...yeah he sweating but not melting.... its stones, GBABY and LG.. Anyway Im upset because I was eating a plate of PANCAKES when this happening STRUPES now they cold cold cold............ lol lol lol lol lol
Pancake man  *  25-Feb-2015
after i waste the stones on him... because these stones heavy bad bad bad... i didnt run so far and fast and long for nothing.... i was waiting for this moment and he knew it was coming to him so just remember to visit him in the HOSPITAL after alllllllllllllll these beating lol lol lol
whineup  *  25-Feb-2015
Me mop n bucket look like a buy dem just for Toonman...sms
LG  *  25-Feb-2015
This tooooo Sweet... Here's the ultimate punishment.... Put a red Scarlet Letter "A" (for Abandonment) on Toonman chest, put him to ride around by de pier naked on a donkey ..while he shouts..."Forgive Me Toon-Fans for I have Sinned"... holding nothing but a box of crayons of course........oh... I want front row seats...LOL
G-Baby  *  25-Feb-2015
Lol tha d same thing me a say to LG way PM c stone? caz me know me c ice as well
LG  *  25-Feb-2015
So Toonman went from politricks had done warn you TM....
LG  *  25-Feb-2015
Lol @ PM & G-Baby....PM.. a thought it was ice you had in de bucket to keep you butterskin self from melting....LOL....well PM. We goin have to soon forgive TM. So he focus on his work...getting back to real toon work....not politricks!
Pancake man  *  25-Feb-2015
i agree LG Gbaby Femme.... enough is enough with this politricks ..... Give him the licks..... u see all them stone I got in that pot lol lol lol
Pancake man  *  25-Feb-2015
toonman Im a fair skin guy, dont look like chocolate lol lol but i like this... this is unacceptable still
G-Baby  *  25-Feb-2015
OMG i jus realize is pancake PM got on he shirt lol
G-Baby  *  25-Feb-2015
u rite LG the pot is not d only thing he getting lick dung wid, abandon us fu so long then now got me head looking like goku own lol anyway i'm fired up so no problem
newsflash  *  25-Feb-2015
Toonheads gone wild
Sheila  *  24-Feb-2015
Toonman: do a Cartoon with Douggie and Timothy "talking it out".... That would be nice!
Bob  *  24-Feb-2015
Everybody Loves Toonman. Make him Governor General! Tell Timothy and de Rest..... Toonman: How come your Political Cartoons have disappeared?
LG  *  24-Feb-2015
Femme that"s WhineUp mop and mekking a Toon-Man
Femme Pouvoir  *  24-Feb-2015
This one nice I cant stop laughing and my mop stick really ready for him but how could you take up my mop bucket and run. it is the only one I got so bring it back please please please...................
Rough House  *  24-Feb-2015
LG, I think Toonman went a little overboard with my dressing. I would have found matching yellow boxing gloves and boots to go with my yellow shirt. Hey, i guess being in a hurry to put some box under Toonman, anything color gears would have to do.
Lioness  *  24-Feb-2015
LOL....I love this one toonman. Back to regular programming after you done get you licks.
LG  *  24-Feb-2015
lol..Sorry WU..a see, but go easy..we still need leave de never de face..cause then you have to look at it all
LG  *  24-Feb-2015
Toonman here's a song for you........
whineup  *  24-Feb-2015
@LG dats not Femme and idk y he have me looking soo crazy, but he better dont leyme catch him one mop stick to face sms
LG  *  24-Feb-2015
LOL @ Kenneth.. Wait till PM (pancake man) get a hold of him! lol
LG  *  24-Feb-2015
Toonman..LOL...I'm at work, I carnt laugh out loud, but you redeeming youself...(slowly)... My belly busting wid pent up laugh.....and BTW..that aint the only pot G-Baby goin lick you dung with!>.. lol.. I going have to watch this later, but a see RH and he skinny foot Femme...go easy with the mop I goin just relax and enjoy my latte'...LOL (quietly till a get home)..
kenneth  *  24-Feb-2015
I thought he left on the same boat with Dougie.
cavelle  *  24-Feb-2015
oh my LG and others i can't believe he leave us hanging for that i feel to bad he better run had me hanging for days strupz
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