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Well Ain't That A Daisy!
Wednesday, 25 February, 2015
1 Recommend
martian man  *  2-Mar-2015
Wha happen cause a tun you way
martian man  *  1-Mar-2015
You not on this planet
Tripod  *  28-Feb-2015
Not on island
Chicken Man  *  27-Feb-2015
Tripod did it!
LG  *  26-Feb-2015
Lol @ Wu.. ah dont know why a doing that...cause you see when Femme start tark...type...all a doing is scratching me head..that Femme does mek me have to tighten my weave...but she a not going mix you up
Whineup  *  26-Feb-2015
sms seems i have to change name......
Pancake man  *  26-Feb-2015
LG i know wha you mean....
Pancake man  *  26-Feb-2015
lol lol lol well LG if you passed mine while I'm eating my pancakes or flitters (pumpkin or banana), just smile and wave... I might pity you and give you a bite lol lol lol
LG  *  26-Feb-2015
Yes PM, bur there,s some family members you does have to cross you eye, suck you teeth and dont own them when dem pass them place!!!!!
LG  *  26-Feb-2015
Sorry Whineup..a keep mixing you up with Femme. I meant you. Lawd a must be "Frozen"
LG  *  26-Feb-2015
Thank you Femme. Out a order wid no respect. G-Baby notice my lack of response to IT!
Pancake man  *  26-Feb-2015
Now toonman this is the TonnVille Family... I dont think anyone missing from here lol dont you mistake us for anyone (mouth push up) lol
Pancake man  *  26-Feb-2015
lol lol lol bout she a faint after eating 6 plate of her DAISY hahahahahaha lord well that cat taste real nice.... granny what you do to that cat?? PRESSURE COOK it hahahahahaha LG LG wake up wake up!!!!!
Whineup  *  26-Feb-2015
RH out of order
G-Baby  *  26-Feb-2015
Thats tru FP.....LG u ain hear RH? LOL
Femme Pouvoir  *  25-Feb-2015
Chinese food eh. Love Chinese food to the max depending where and what to eat especially if it is a lot of veggies but if I ate cat already nothing wrong if some can eat horse, monkey and alligator all that and More is good protein.the thing is we have eaten so many things and sometimes we ain't know what we have eaten
Rough House  *  25-Feb-2015
Toonman is a wonder you didn't have a man eat the pu-c. LG becareful who you give your pu-c to.
LG  *  25-Feb-2015
Whineup....ah don't eat too much Chinese and a not likerish like that...6 plates a food???? well anyhow..He told the granny to feed her.. He just didn't say to whom!
Whineup  *  25-Feb-2015
Well LG just ate Daisy n enjoy it...hmmmm
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