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They Never Come Up For Air
Thursday, 26 February, 2015
2 Recommends
Whineup  *  27-Feb-2015
sms LG
MorningGlory  *  27-Feb-2015
Thank you very much !!!!!! no matter how you turn it, with or without glasses its white and gold
LG  *  27-Feb-2015
Oh...and for the record....the dress is white and gold!
LG  *  27-Feb-2015
Morning is moe you or LG lite..thats all you guys pickney wont even pick up she head to cross the street..and thats no lol.. every marning a peeping to watch she cross the street....and G......she 16! me belly in knots..but a goin soon tdk way de phone!
G-Baby  *  27-Feb-2015
LOL thats it LG u ain wan nttn better than that LOL
LG  *  26-Feb-2015
Lol @ Femme (lemme read again)....yeah it's Femme (not Wu).....but Lioness i try not to be careless but if you saw my phone you would wonder if its Moses phone a phone company begging me to i dont have all dem know how frugal LG be phone rings and ah could dial..thats
Femme Pouvoir  *  26-Feb-2015
I meant to say it wasn't free nor the lessons
Femme Pouvoir  *  26-Feb-2015
This actually happens to many folks as just the other day on Cayon Street a young lady was doing the same and I took my time but it was she who almost knock down my car then tell me you must be buy your license and I answered yes it was free even the lessons
Lioness  *  26-Feb-2015
This looks a little like me (hides face) i'm always looking at my phone BUT i'm always aware of my surroundings. My gurl here careless hahahha this must be LG (runs away).
Rough House  *  26-Feb-2015
Well well with that young lady. She could have walked straight into hell and probably would not have noticed.
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