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Skirt Ed
Friday, 27 February, 2015
3 Recommends
KINGJ  *  9-Mar-2015
Lol my girl no study dem c dem kinda a girls real man like
G-Baby  *  3-Mar-2015
LOL telling u
LG  *  2-Mar-2015
G-Baby....a done tell these young girls....."when life give you lemons....act like you drinking a skinny girl martini".....all she have to do is cut off de train and make a scarf or headband....and wallah.....fashionista in who have the last
G-Baby  *  2-Mar-2015
well she lucking she ain hear she had it on in school still caz when they ain lap up d waist they walk wid it in they bag an change over when they reach sumway
Tripod  *  28-Feb-2015
I like skirt that show the clam!
choosen one  *  27-Feb-2015
Screw that we want see butty riders.
Femme Pouvoir  *  27-Feb-2015
You overdoing it with that skirt but we got that message. Boy if most of the skirt were like that today the behaviour/activities of our young girl /boy will be limited
LG  *  27-Feb-2015
Nice toon. I'm with mom 100 percent, but toonman who's Ike?? lol.. (Frame 3)..Ike beat up Tina Turner, so young gyul you better watch out.. You mother said..."Ike That" that skyut was any shorter it would be a belt!
Whineup  *  27-Feb-2015
Lolol is like dey want de gul commit suicide sms
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