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Reality Check!
Monday, 2 March, 2015
2 Recommends
KINGJ  *  9-Mar-2015
LOL I hate Mondays but am still thankful
LG  *  3-Mar-2015
LOL... crazy! lol
G-Baby  *  3-Mar-2015
as much as a hate mondays as well wha ever LG give me a go take so a gon tak monday an toonman ok LG
LG  *  2-Mar-2015
Look here Femme..let me school you since you bring me in things.. Toonman is a young boy to LG (I think)...Anyhow LG have no problem with Mondays..that just mean LG lived through the the paycheck part.. LG not looking at nobody paycheck..(that's only take home amount).....anybody can get a LG holding down her When you start talking about 401Ks, Pension, annuities, Stock portfolios, Real Estate and Swiss accounts!!!! then we can have a probably still paying off student debt... LG been there done that! watch it Femme.. Leave Toonman & Monday gripes for Wu or G-Baby..
Whineup  *  2-Mar-2015
Soooo i have to be working to hate Mondays hhmmmm
Femme Pouvoir  *  2-Mar-2015
But to think of it is you named MONDAY that he actually hates perhaps you are the one who horned him that's why he hates you so much
Femme Pouvoir  *  2-Mar-2015
You bound to get horn my friend as you don't have a payday.LG gonna leave you high sky and try the toon man as his paycheck will see her by and by
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