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Getting What You Ask For
Thursday, 5 March, 2015
5 Recommends
Pancake man  *  11-Mar-2015
come on Gbaby wake up and smell the coffee lol lol that man cheap cheap cheap hhahhahhahaha
Pancake man  *  11-Mar-2015
who she think he be... bout expensive diamond set... like REALLY??? IN THIS TIME AND AGE
Mixup  *  9-Mar-2015
Me str8ter than 6oclock toon coming just now
KINGJ  *  9-Mar-2015
G-Baby  *  9-Mar-2015
LG  *  9-Mar-2015
G...Please to look outside on de roof see if Toonman up there trying to get a
LG  *  9-Mar-2015
Monday????????? Wha bout Friday??? lol.. Toonman look like he got some "Drunken Love" goin on... He carnt wake
G-Baby  *  9-Mar-2015
LG wat did u do to toonman again that make him cant bring out monday toon as yet?
Rough House  *  9-Mar-2015
TM, I am in support of that guy 100%. LOL
G-Baby  *  6-Mar-2015
LOL Toonman u hear wake up an get to wuk...LG say no more dreaming
LG  *  6-Mar-2015
lol...You starting trouble GB... Mixup said exactly what she meant.... lol.. She running behind Butter bread lol... not LG's I will vouch for Mixup.. She straight.. she cool.. lol.............while we at.. wake up Toonman so he stop Dreaming wid his book of Dreams and tell him put out the next toon... lol
G-Baby  *  6-Mar-2015
LOL LG she wan say she get tired of running behind u but she try putting it in another way
Mixup  *  6-Mar-2015
(covers face) got tired of running behind it LG...lolol
Mixup  *  6-Mar-2015
Mixup in de mix man, sms me iight
LG  *  6-Mar-2015
Hey GB...Look who decided to "Grace us with her presence" Yup!!! Mixup!! Crazy she pull a MH370 and now showing up a year later..Hey Mixup..Wha happen the bread van run out a butter
G-Baby  *  6-Mar-2015
Femme Pouvoir  *  5-Mar-2015
His turn gonna come and it may be worse than hers. She may show him the paternity test and it may say you are not the father. Jerry gonna help her lol
Privy Counsil  *  5-Mar-2015
LOL...LOL...LOL...LOL...LOL. This one made my afternoon
LG  *  5-Mar-2015
Hey Mixup..long time..(wink wink)... lol....two things you dont mess diamonds and our
Whineup  *  5-Mar-2015
No sary he wuda sleep in de dog house
Mixup  *  5-Mar-2015
LG u have a great voice
LG  *  5-Mar-2015
All i know if. I was she...hmmm.. i would wait till he come to bed and say....Honey, darling, sugarplum ( while kissing his ear).... i bought you a video...lets watch and bamm..pull out the video name.....HOW TO TAME YOUR DRAGON!......and yes TM..Dreamworks produce that too. Lol that. Then a would roll over and go sleep......who got jokes now. TM..LOL
Whineup  *  5-Mar-2015
But missy well dress waiting for she ring sms
Whineup  *  5-Mar-2015
TM you bad eh, well well this remind of de time my bf came home n i was on de toilet enuh sigh de toilet of all places he got down on one knee in-font me n pull out two phone cards good tin i was already on de toilet
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