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A Hundred Don't Come Easy
Monday, 9 March, 2015
8 Recommends
Pancake man  *  11-Mar-2015
lol lol isnt that her under the LOOPTY LOOP??? look good u see hahahaha i hope she alright
G-Baby  *  11-Mar-2015
LG  *  10-Mar-2015
A tribute for Toonman Starring............................. Toonman &
tripod  *  10-Mar-2015
well if that is Harrison Ford, u might have crashed!
G-Baby  *  10-Mar-2015
LOL thats rite a 100 ain cum easy so no say nttn... a she start is first LOL.....LG a like u own too they feel they smart but we smarter than them LOL
Whineup  *  10-Mar-2015
Ok i really need to wear my glasses thanks LG oh gosh man i thought was the man who said a $100 dont come cheap, (hides face) sir i apologies n you right u shoulda push ha out you self n if i was there i woulda help you sms
LG  *  10-Mar-2015
The wife still 2 coming soon...because a woman will outsmart a man every single time.. LOL.... (Q)..A couple decided to commit suicide after a rough life…They decided to jump off a building, when they got to the top, they both counted to 3…The woman jumped, but the man stayed..He watched her drop for 8 seconds then saw that she pulled a parachuted….(Q)…Who outsmarted who?
VALLEY CHILD  *  10-Mar-2015
husband either happy for de plane ride or that she fall out but him a smile in the last pic,,,,,,,mayb even both eh
VALLEY CHILD  *  10-Mar-2015
dont ncoment but this one made me laugh,,,,she wanted the money to go buy shoes,,,,she to cheap,,let de man enjoy himself bout 100 dont come he just need to find where she drop and she if de 100 could pay funeral home
TBOY  *  9-Mar-2015
That's what happens when you're too damn cheap.
LG  *  9-Mar-2015
lol @ you guys... He trying / tried to get she back because she said if but he's a Wicked, Wicked man I tell Real Men don't try to "One Up" women... and that's what he's doing...but wait...Payback is nothing but a "Woman in High Heels" (being nice here)
Femme Pouvoir  *  9-Mar-2015
Wicked man. I sure he is the one who push her out . a $100 aint come easy but a wife gone easy. So a lesson learnt right here.Who is want heed the FP got to.Not even the pilot tricks could a make him hum but the next woman he takes on a ride like that gonna be his match
Whineup  *  9-Mar-2015
well well a so cheap dem be?? i wuda done pp me skin from all dat, he outta order i wuda mek so much noise de man would of charged him $1000 now see who wuda fall out de plane....
Mixup  *  9-Mar-2015
Sms LG is like he glad she fall out de plane, all when me done bury he wouldn't hear d last of me, no peace for him
LG  *  9-Mar-2015
Mixup & GBaby... If that cheap George Jefferson look-alike wife was standing there in frame 7 ...all she would say to him is........."NEITHER DO YOU"!
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