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Didn't See That One Coming!
Tuesday, 10 March, 2015
1 Recommend
Mixup  *  11-Mar-2015
Hahaaa LG yall killing me
G-Baby  *  11-Mar-2015
LOL yes LG nobody else but he bought it but i had to be thankful... thank u PM an RH or baby do know its impossible she jus enjoy being like her dad LOL
Rough House  *  11-Mar-2015
G-Baby, if that was my kid the baby would have known that taking his nose would have been impossible. LOL
LG  *  11-Mar-2015
You stay there... I done order the "Bugaboo Donkey Stroller" for she..(in hot pink...look it up). lol..... cause the hing ting floating device you have up there look like it's competing with the Seabridge or the Mark me guess.. GOD-Farda PM bought that one didn't he? LOL
G-Baby  *  11-Mar-2015
LOL LG u got it down pack but yet u still dissing me pram .... u know wha as the godmother buy her the up to date one buy weekend lol
LG  *  11-Mar-2015
G-Baby that's a You and RH done name de child The pacifier is from your side and she glove from RH..You Are the mommy!,, But next time tell me send you a modern day stroller and not that old time PRAM........without a handle at
Pancake man  *  11-Mar-2015
lol lol lol tek dat Toonman... wha u gone wid the child nose for lol lol lol
LG  *  11-Mar-2015
Is this the love child of G-Baby & RH?.... lol
G-Baby  *  11-Mar-2015
LOL RH going on bad since he small boii...what is this sms dont let them take u nosy is rite show them who is boss
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