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Things You Shouldn't Say On A Plane
Thursday, 12 March, 2015
5 Recommends
Stingray  *  13-Mar-2015
This is really funny..keep it coming mr.toonman.
LG  *  13-Mar-2015
Yes G..A goin have to let these a work wid know what time it is soon as you tell them you this, do that, run this report, look up this, call Mr. so & so,,,but LG got news for them today...Come 3 o clock ..The LG Goin stand for "LONG GONE"..
G-Baby  *  13-Mar-2015
U let them know wa time it is c LG LOL
LG  *  13-Mar-2015
A not mixing you up one little bit! (you c how this "Generation Text" always confused) told me on the last toon I had good So a telling you on this one that my memory good too!.....and tell Toonman that a leaving wuk early today so a want my toon early.. LG got things to
Mixup  *  13-Mar-2015
huh LG y u mixing me??? hahaaa
Toon critic  *  12-Mar-2015
Next time talk to him face to face.Good one TM.I really have to LOL
LG  *  12-Mar-2015
Yes Femme.. Similar Toon...Different Toonman..Jan 2014.. LG have good memory too
Femme Pouvoir  *  12-Mar-2015
English is really a funny language but you had something similar to this before in one of your cartoon Mr Toonman.It is like saying SKN sexy for some.
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