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Leaving Work On Fridays LIke...
Friday, 13 March, 2015
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Content Manager  *  16-Mar-2015
Good day all Toon-heads and Villagers, Toon Center was created for all to have fun and be entertained not for anyone to be cursing or calling people names. So Tripod please refrain from doing so and also the Business Franchise you keep referring to, if you fail to do so we will not hesitate to permanently block you from this site.
Chicken Man  *  14-Mar-2015
You full up you belly with tin can food and now a talk
Chicken Man  *  13-Mar-2015
It dont cause bad spelling
tripod  *  13-Mar-2015
mixup...lmao good one!
Mixup  *  13-Mar-2015
Great weekend guys...T.ongue G.oes I.n F.irst hahaaa
Whineup  *  13-Mar-2015
great weekend everyone
Chicken Man  *  13-Mar-2015
you done eat me food and pose off for de pickcha
G-Baby  *  13-Mar-2015
LOL sorry for those that work on saturday but still like toonman say have a great weekend to all an wid that i'm out till Monday (sms)
Rev BBBBBBBBBBBB  *  13-Mar-2015
Toonman, what you forget, is that some of us works on Saturdays............ :-(
Rough House  *  13-Mar-2015
Toonman, no need for you to leave earth to avoid being reached or nagged on the weekend. Just turn off your phone, or that is impossible like it is for some of us here who comments on your toons?
LG  *  13-Mar-2015
LOL....Yes ToonMan on Friday's we're on a have a great weekend also.
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