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Know Your Worth
Tuesday, 17 March, 2015
4 Recommends
VALLEY CHILD  *  18-Mar-2015
real thing Tracey
G-Baby  *  18-Mar-2015
LOL true that!
LG  *  18-Mar-2015
LOL @ Buff Bear.. ...The happy medium is what LG likes to call "Sophisticated Sexy" (go on an You can dress Sexy, still sophisticated (that's my word..don't coin it) don't have to dress fuddy duddy but you don't have to dress like a putting things on sale!
Buff Bear  *  18-Mar-2015
Yh LG she finally get the chance to wear she short skirt mommy cant say nttn or stop her now... an i totally agree wid u about the job she gone there to do a pole dancer the nxt one to cover up he cant c nttn to give her the pole job so she lose out
Mixup  *  18-Mar-2015
Yes LG, no none of the girls is me n neither the boss, sms
LG  *  18-Mar-2015
G-Baby...(oh sorry..I mean...BUFF BEAR).... ain't that the same little chickadee that try to go school wearing a green handkerchief... (a mean short skut)... See now... SMH...a guess she was interning for her future job...who knows..maybe de job involve Poles, disco balls and strobe lights!
choosen one  *  17-Mar-2015
i definitely buying too, now I have to out bid bossman
choosen one  *  17-Mar-2015
i definitely buying too, now I have to out bid bossman
Femme Pouvoir  *  17-Mar-2015
LOOKS ARE DECEIVING AND SO IS THE BRAIN.It depends on what job Brittany is set out to do as soon as she post everything on the net she done lose she job and listen she English or griblish as old people do say
Lioness  *  17-Mar-2015
Sad but this happens all the time worldwide.
patriot  *  17-Mar-2015
lol...... Brittney's assets are on display......he couldn't see those of the other applicant
LG  *  17-Mar-2015
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