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The Stay At Home Dad
Wednesday, 18 March, 2015
4 Recommends
Penaydo  *  23-Mar-2015
wait.. is that the road i see oin the background?
Pancake man  *  20-Mar-2015
lord have mercy on me.... Honey I didnt mean to throw the baby out the window sigh lol lol hahhahhahaha
Whineup  *  19-Mar-2015
Oh Lord Femme
LG  *  19-Mar-2015
LMAO (at my desk) .... @ GBABY... a thought de same thing ystday, but I said to myself.....GYUL LG...that's got to be a "Snap Crotch Pamper"... You use them when you young and again when you ...LOL...and since God have a sense of humor (like Tman) .... In between sometimes too...LOL
G-Baby  *  19-Mar-2015
nar man LG a on RH side i know he is way better than that man so that couple cant be d way how in gods name did he get d baby head tru d pampa crutch???[confuse face] Jesus really got to take the wheel
Royal  *  19-Mar-2015
"Jesus take the wheel" I love this baby. Maybe that's how he survived the day. But seriously while I appreciate the humor, I don't think our men are in the stone ages like that toonman. Big up to all the Dads who play their role in and out of the home
Femme Pouvoir  *  18-Mar-2015
Well we may have to call it man sit in instead of baby sitting
Femme Pouvoir  *  18-Mar-2015
He ain't know how expensive dem pampers be no. He should have gone online before he started or to be around when his baby is changed but you see he can't keep out the rum shop and bars and and the next door neighbors house
Whineup  *  18-Mar-2015
True Valley Child there are some real men out there who do step up but there is a lot of them who isn't...this toon isnot one of them he just dont do daddy duty too often, sms and yes wethe real women do appreciate de real men dem....wish i had one in my life
VALLEY CHILD  *  18-Mar-2015
mayb tht was men in years gone by........bee doig tht since my daughter was days old ,,,,sometimes i does wonder if anybody sees the single fathers in today's society cuz right now we doing,,,,right now in sk we the men are changing and lots(*not all) are doing their part...even when lots of these females arent
LG  *  18-Mar-2015
Well you go RH.. A real modern man in our midst. Two Thumbs up for you. (without the boxing glove that is...& smiling as I write this)
Mixup  *  18-Mar-2015
I tip ma hat to you RH..sms
Mixup  *  18-Mar-2015
Girl LG i almost p my self wid lauhgter..brahahaaaaa
Whineup  *  18-Mar-2015
You go RH
Rough House  *  18-Mar-2015
One thing with Rough House, he can take care of his baby from changing his diaper, plaiting hair, to dressing.
LG  *  18-Mar-2015
lol @ Mixup....upside down? This is part 2 to Gbaby & RH baby Well G-Baby... Time for Goddy LG to step on a serious note...(talking to men)..You are NOT BABYSITTING when you are taking care of your child! The term BABYSITTING is not to be used..Mothers don't say BABYSITTING, so neither can you! So just sharpen up on your Parental Skills.. That's all..
sha  *  18-Mar-2015
haha!!! I can relate!!
Mixup  *  18-Mar-2015
My daughters father recently put her dress on back to front lolol n he turn the car seat upside down
Whineup  *  18-Mar-2015
Lmao this brings back memories although he did a much better job than PM...sms
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