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Boundary Changes
Wednesday, 11 September, 2013
10 Recommends
blind  *  13-Sep-2013
when PAM change dem, nobody cried.....full confidence..........if you truly have the support of the people whether the boundaries change or not your unity people would vote for u so dnt cry now......u cried in 2009 saying that changed boundaries is the only way LABOUR would win got ur wish(boundaries did not change and on election day, YOU GOT EMBARASSSED, your own leader couldnt wiin his seat so i think you guys need to analyse ur thoughts a bit better '
nyc  *  13-Sep-2013
cry baby if you have so much confidence why you want to change the boundaries. that mean you have on confidence and the people do not see that.
sunshine  *  12-Sep-2013
@ you loose true true true where is the confidence... well actually where is the FULL CONFIDENCE. well atleast he sure bout two seats his and 8 Dr. Drew will ease he belt lol lol full confidence me foot strupess
You lose  *  12-Sep-2013
Dougie if you say you win so much time with those same boundaries why are you so crazy to change them now , is it because sam and tim gone and you know you can not win without them , so you now want to move the boundaries in your favor , no way crazy joe think again .
jack hammer  *  12-Sep-2013
Dougie done got spanked, lol
Creative mind  *  11-Sep-2013
Impress n very funny
george  *  11-Sep-2013
Very creative
sunshine  *  11-Sep-2013
lmao this person is very creative lol lol
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