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Multitasking Fail
Thursday, 2 April, 2015
2 Recommends
Whineup  *  7-Apr-2015
lolol @ y'all..... Whineup did too much whining over the weekend am in bed :(
LG  *  7-Apr-2015
RH.. It's not an explanation or pronouciation of the word I wanted. I want to know what defines WEEBLE when it comes to you calling a woman that!... If you call someone "Wratchet" then a would know what type of behavior they have... If you call a man a YARD FOWL... a know what that is.. lol . So RH...What's a WEEBLE....when it comes to a woman.. and btw.. LG knows all types of people.. You have to know all types so you can know how NOT TO behave!
Rough House  *  7-Apr-2015
LG, you know we in SK don't pronounce the words correctly and we spell like how we pronounce words. We all know the correct speeling and pronounciation is "weevil". She fits the description of a weeble (weevil), do you know her? By the way, it's basically the same when I say weeble and we all know it's weevil, just like how you spelt the word weevil the way you did, weevle....LOL
sweetie  *  7-Apr-2015
good lol
LG  *  7-Apr-2015
@ Rough House.............What is a "weeble"?... Just curious... (a mean a know what a Weevle but you call the wo/man a weeble...what is that?
The watcher (187 Hero)  *  7-Apr-2015
nopes not me........... i got radar
Rough House  *  2-Apr-2015
LG, Rough House has no time to gaze at weeble, I gaze at strictly people and she fits the weeble discription.
LG  *  2-Apr-2015
Should have realized RH is at the
Femme Pouvoir  *  2-Apr-2015
All that glitters is not gold glass bottles do glitter too. You hear what you she said about having a good insurance
Rough House  *  2-Apr-2015
Whineup, the wheels are Chrome Grass. Like them?
LG  *  2-Apr-2015
Tell him WU... That is not Multitasking! It's MULTIFARSING!.. And Toonman you drawing the females too IF a didn't want to stay on Whendy (How YA DOING?) good A would tell you who she look like.. This story has two Dead End and Man end... lol
Whineup  *  2-Apr-2015
TM that is not multitasking and its not John look cross either so you better keep you eyes on de road...lolol.....wonder wa kind a rims dem dere
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