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Tuesday, 14 April, 2015
6 Recommends
LG  *  16-Apr-2015
Gyul G.. You have to run a tight ship cause these pickney will tek you for granted... LG say "No Dishes left in sink overnight" Well!!..Humphh!! one marning a get up and find dishes..LOL.. G-Guyl..a don't say a word.. A tek all morning and wash de dishes dem. (whistling too). They wake up looking for breakfast.. a tell dem.. Since are you tek cook and mek dishwasher are you can cook for are you self.!! Humphh.. A don't play G!
G-Baby  *  16-Apr-2015
i agree with LG caz thats jus what i wud of done what ever he fine to eat thats him but no stove was gon lite again in me house
LG  *  14-Apr-2015
No chicken, no dinner! He could eat his computer for dinner.. LG would have eaten a big lunch at work. No need for licks when his empty belly going bang him anyway. In LG's world that chicken should of season night everybody up there procrastinating or forgetful.
Whineup  *  14-Apr-2015
a lordo...hahaaaa you a bawl n no get no licks yet eh...dah chicken come like e de want bout three days to defrost, good question RH
Rough House  *  14-Apr-2015
Dequan, what kind of refridgerator do you have or how long was that chicken in the freezer? Weeks, months, or years?
Femme Pouvoir  *  14-Apr-2015
Ah wonder if dis me nephew dequan whose mom is a hairdresser she should have made him cook as he can cook good oh
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