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Parenting Logic
Monday, 27 April, 2015
3 Recommends
JK  *  14-May-2015
LMAO the point flew over all y'all heads, u all acting like licks does do anything except just harm the child, A LOT of the kids getting gundown got parents who beat them and you still got the nerve to say that that's the problem, Maybe you should sit down and TALK with your kids instead of trying to scare them and ACTING like you're a good parent smh
Whineup  *  27-Apr-2015
i will be mum on this one hahaaaa
LG  *  27-Apr-2015
What Kill them with licks before the police get to them OR teach them to be Articulate, Assertive, Confident, and Well poised Teens & Adults! Teach them to fear authority and instead of speaking up for themselves run from police and get shot down?... LG DONT THINK SO! They should be allowed to speak their peace in a respectful manner!.. TRUST ME...... LG don't put up with Rude pickney and non-sense! ...Just as much as I talk ...I listen to my kids!
culture roots  *  27-Apr-2015
this is the way to do it.. there is nothing illegal about correction.. if we nah do it. a di police and soldier go do um an't it.... nothing old school about this pic.... licks in they tale path..
LG  *  27-Apr-2015
Toonman how about "ILLOGICAL PARENTING" as the title for this toon.., but I get your point Toonman. This is OLD SCHOOL PARENTING!
Lioness  *  27-Apr-2015
Poor child confuse whether or not he should talk or be quiet...either way he still gonna get more licks LOL..
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