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It's Only The Beginning
Tuesday, 28 April, 2015
4 Recommends
Femme Pouvoir  *  30-Apr-2015
Global warming in the beginning and the end the alpha and the omega.
Hotta  *  29-Apr-2015
D look on earth face killing me eh
Whineup  *  29-Apr-2015
Hahaaaa LG
G-Baby  *  29-Apr-2015
LG  *  29-Apr-2015
LOL..@ your "Peeping Perverts" ...but.....Gyul G... A does be sweating like a "Pot Cover" ..A hot all night ..A Cold all day!.. lol.. this is what you call "Temperature Induced Menopause"....LOL
G-Baby  *  29-Apr-2015
LOL Well LG u well pad up LOL but really sum this heat needs to be turn down in truth d place to dam hot man all in d nite u cant even sleep gd how hot e be an u cant open u curtains either wid all them pervert out there
LG  *  29-Apr-2015
What a tell are you yesterday....One a dem just walk een..Tark bout he hot and then crank dung de temprecha to 18.9 C.... lard poor LG living in an Icebox... A just going make this picture my screen saver today.. Thanks TM
Lioness  *  29-Apr-2015
Yes! This sun is trying to kill us everyday. According to studies the 1st quarter of 2015 has been the hottest in yrs. Poor us!
LG  *  28-Apr-2015
I work with a set a Polar Bears!... the hotter it gets the more they crank up the AC... AC around here stands for "Always Cold"..!!! I have to be sitting here dressed up in Winter Coat, EarsMuffin, Long Johns, Leg Warmers, Scarf, Gloves and Fuzzy Boots!!!.. lol.. Toonman Please to tell these people how hot it is outside!
Hotta  *  28-Apr-2015
I believe thats what the sun does be up dere doing hahaaaa
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