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Hotel Shoppers
Wednesday, 13 May, 2015
4 Recommends
G-Baby  *  15-May-2015
Boy this is tru unuh sum these hotel the charge for a weekend or 1 nite like u checking in for a month u wan no y they have to charge so much so i dont give ppl wrong when they make they hotel shopping.... like d song say "tak u money worth" LOL
LG  *  14-May-2015 Leave that water dung cheap shampoo alone... It's going strip off your good hair.. Use you natural aloe or just Co-Wash your hair you hear me..furthermore god gave us good natural aloe..pick some and lef dem wid dey cheap shampoo and conditioner..LOL>.. That's not for our hair...LOL
Lioness  *  14-May-2015
Well she to hot. The only thing I does "shop" for is the lotions and shampoo LOL.
Femme Pouvoir  *  13-May-2015
Look how toon man letting me out I can't but help it I must take a souvenir or souvenirs that is why RH and LG don't want me in their little four seasons homes.But to think of it all that part of money I paid for the room and if I spend up to a week I hiring a trailer truck
Whineup  *  13-May-2015
well well she face serious mah...
LG  *  13-May-2015
@ RH.....That is why I didn't date with CHEAP men.. cause they forced me to shop the hotel rooms for free gifts..... (you took it to that level RH...this wasn't about just women...)..LOL... but anyhow..she nose look like the one that left she fish with Courtney... LOL..Toonman you forget shampoo and conditioner,,,lawrd some are you does even tek up de people Bible...LOL.. I know I does tek the pen and
Rough House  *  13-May-2015
Toonman, did she purchasing those stuff from the hotel gift shop, or she came with them in her briefcase? I wonder where she found that wagon to haul away those stuff? That is why I refuse to go to certain places with women, they always think about taking a lot of stuff as souvenirs.
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