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Big Difference
Thursday, 21 May, 2015
5 Recommends
Whineup  *  25-May-2015
I will be the one spending $20 and saving $145 Femme yep yep
Femme Pouvoir  *  24-May-2015
You got me wrong CO read between the line independent women, save her money take a trim and use her balance and do something else it not always you men money and most of the time you don't mind paying for such
choosen one  *  23-May-2015
femme P you women mentality is to save you all money and let some fool spend his
LG  *  22-May-2015
Thank you Femme, Toonman has me speechless with how he have these people on "Fleet".mmm..LOL... (a think ah goin stick with ON POINT).. LOL.. FEMME & RH looking real FLY above.. You own it and work Femme, but treat yourself... $20.00 cant even get you a wash and set much less a Red Carpet look that you have going on above..
Femme Pouvoir  *  22-May-2015
Not all the time CO remember their are some women out there don't wait on you all excuses to look good and do it ourselves.Ask LG,she dont make joke but to think of it de hair style look good for true and the eyebrows matching.Look at the contact lens and eyelashes. We don't make joke
choosen one  *  21-May-2015
Is we men does pay for it
Femme Pouvoir  *  21-May-2015
Dem Brazilian hair and other extensions is what make de price so high if I was she I would have chop off all and save the 145 to buy me something else
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