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Did He Just Go There
Friday, 19 June, 2015
2 Recommends
penaydo  *  13-Jul-2015
LOL LMAO ROFL NO NO i thought the previous toon had me but this one OMG lmao this hot. what a wud
iiambitious_c  *  9-Jul-2015
lmaoooooo haha this one is too funny
Femme Pouvoir  *  20-Jun-2015
This is real social studies one not socializing much to know the first PM and the other her husband's girlfriends. I wonder with school this one be but at least he knows something though to keep the teacher on her p's and q's.
choosen one  *  20-Jun-2015
nice one kenny.lololol
LG  *  19-Jun-2015
@ GBaby.. G..They could come... Cause a would "School" dem too! You no see me hand on me ready for dem.... LOL
LG  *  19-Jun-2015
Cause he's a "Chameleon Demon Child" Hotta... His attitude needs to change colours as well! Hummphh!
Hotta  *  19-Jun-2015
just an observation Y is Kenny shirt white in frame two but blue in all the rest???
Hotta  *  19-Jun-2015
ah ahhhhh he outta order man well well
G-Baby  *  19-Jun-2015
IKR LG or he mite a go hm an tell them wid a different story an they cum look for u
Whineup  *  19-Jun-2015
OH my where did GBaby spring from??? well husband must look out wid dat old time hairstyle n dressing...hahaaaaa
Lioness  *  19-Jun-2015
This one ya sweet me! LOL..but that child need to mind his own business.
LG  *  19-Jun-2015
Hey G.. lol.. GBaby.. I couldn't be that teacher..Cause you know my mouth... Cause if she had tun round and ask him what his Sister, auntie and granny have to do wid me class...Everybody would say LG wrong... Let me stay in an office and out the way you hear!.. lol..Pickney dem rude buoy!
G-Baby  *  19-Jun-2015
NOOOOOOO she wasn't ready LOL....seemz like he was really ready for her today
LG  *  19-Jun-2015
Ouch! Ooooookay.... I would have introduce this "BAK" to Expulsion & Suspension and those are not Tonics!
WITHIT  *  19-Jun-2015
10 years detention for telling me the truth!!!!
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