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Welome To Your Future Ted
Monday, 22 June, 2015
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Lioness  *  24-Jun-2015
all of them are + pregnancy tests, the women just wrote their name on them.
Whineup  *  23-Jun-2015
Well look on the bright side atleast he knows hes not on the mule boat this year
LG  *  23-Jun-2015
Lol RH... What a "Rough" start to build a "House"... LOl.. Femme those have to be the women ...looks like these women wait till Fathers day to gang up on Ted and send him the results... Poor Ted....and ah mean..."POOR" Ted..
Rough House  *  23-Jun-2015
LG, it really seemed like this marriage was over even before it began.
Femme Pouvoir  *  23-Jun-2015
Meni meni mina mo which one I gonna take to the show. Are these the women in his life or the children in his time. OMG he is a real puta not a macho.Ted not because the Bible said be fruitful and multiply you must over do it, remember the consequences are real.
Whineup  *  22-Jun-2015
I seriously cant go with wid Mr. and Mrs. RH enuh hahaaa
LG  *  22-Jun-2015
Then RH....What type of "Pla-Toon-Ic" relationship you have going on here? lol....I really need to do a "Virtual Reality" Check
Rough House  *  22-Jun-2015
LG, if you give me a reason to love you then maybe I will. I'm not one of those men who love women that knocks them bout, so try another method and then maybe I will have something to work with.
LG  *  22-Jun-2015 name not in that " nar find LG name in that mess... and you RH dey.. If you stop loving yourself so much and love your wife a little wouldn't have to be searching box...LOL.. Your "First Response" would be a confident one..LOL..
Wannabet  *  22-Jun-2015
Definition of chaos and confusion? Father's Day in St.Kitts
Hotta  *  22-Jun-2015
lolol Ted no study dem its a April fools joke in June brahahaaa
Rough House  *  22-Jun-2015
Ted, let's search that box together. I need to make sure that LG's name isn't in there, otherwise, it's mudda wuk tonight.
Mixup  *  22-Jun-2015
well i know Mixup name aint in that box hahaa, LG, GBaby, Femme and WU please stand up represent ono self
Whineup  *  22-Jun-2015
well well watch pon DNA testing boy Ted dont tek no pic in no bag well in your case box hahaa
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