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Flexible Old Bones
Friday, 26 June, 2015
3 Recommends
pancake man  *  2-Jul-2015
hahahahahahhaha LG u cant keep up with the old people lol young girl like you... bout u bawling lol lol suck it up and stretch those old bones > If my granny cound do it you can to
LG  *  29-Jun-2015
NB we not Jealous.. and we don't care what RH says.. Dem there look like a bunch of "Experience Geriatric Pole Dancers"..LOL... Look how she foot straight up!...WU...what hill you talking bout.. Sistah.. we on top the hill and owing it.. lol.. I not over not a hill..somebody will have to push me..LOL
Nubian Queen  *  29-Jun-2015
Whineup  *  29-Jun-2015
well well whine dung aka WU in de building man NQ whine up just need to turn de key a lil bit more than usual then am great to go, whine up approaching de hill guess thats why
Nubian Queen  *  27-Jun-2015
Rough House......U mekking me laugh hard!!!!...main no bout dat part dere eh!!!!.....The zumba teacher sending de wuk out message early..when u done Zumba you will turn to a ZZZZumbee....rotflol! rotflol!!! LG.....i've got you girl!!!OMGOSH! OMGOSH!!!! LOL@ viagra.....i gone go drink me soursop drink me just make viagra for me....Green fig and fish on de menu today.....#healthy...#keeping it local...
LG  *  26-Jun-2015
@ dung.. Wu. A feel you girl. my zumba teacher does look at me and say this is zumba not at RH.....if is "ole oman you tekking home" go you better believe LG is in shape...LG stands for "Looking Good"....a just you stop like variety or viagra?...which one you say?
Rough House  *  26-Jun-2015
LG, no wonder the old people are taking away people like u husbands. Get in shape LG, I like varieties, and you LG knows this.
Nubian Queen  *  26-Jun-2015 it means you name should be WINE!!! LG....spying is right.......get fit and healthy...
Nubian Queen  *  26-Jun-2015
This is my first time posting!!! I am more than certain she is embarrassed. WE ole ones take care of our selves and can flex better than those Skippy ones.....even though we might not look it...but come test us..and you will be shocked.....She need to wheel and come again!!!...i hope she told her friends so they can get a good laugh #check me flexing with my foot up and no hands.....
Whineup  *  26-Jun-2015
telling you girl LG a shame a shame lolol i does go Aerobics class and i swear de instructor want kill me
LG  *  26-Jun-2015
LOL WU....Guilty? ...I I think Toonman is a Spy!
Whineup  *  26-Jun-2015
no comment
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