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It's RaIning....
Monday, 29 June, 2015
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pancake man  *  2-Jul-2015
hahaha lol @LG mind toonman block u with all those censored words loll lol Dont Take on RoughHouse..... cant even touch eh knee
Whineup  *  29-Jun-2015
laughing till a p @ RH and LG HAHAAAAA
LG  *  29-Jun-2015
RH a was trying to answer you but they have CENSORED every word I wrote!
Rough House  *  29-Jun-2015
LG, seems like you should come with me to Yoga so you can position yourself the right way....LOL. I have never had anything drop it's chit on me. LG, you know what they say, "Birds Chit Where They See Chit". No mercy those birs have for you or Jerry.
LG  *  29-Jun-2015
Femme I have a big splatter on the window of my car door right now.. (shaming me all over de place)...I just want to know how they angle their buhine to get that done.. Maybe they taking that Yoga class that RH does frequent..LOL
Femme Pouvoir  *  29-Jun-2015
That's just what these birds do to me at times but not covered completely with their mess but right just after I finish cleaning the car.
LG  *  29-Jun-2015
I've heard of "Revenge of the Nerds" ...but NOT.... "Revenge of the Birds" LOL.. Look like dem birds does eat Maybe they mistake Jerry for Tripod (am I allowed to call names)...LOL
Hotta  *  29-Jun-2015
Lolol well Jerry all you do stop park under de tree
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