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Trying To School The Teacher
Thursday, 2 July, 2015
3 Recommends
penaydo  *  13-Jul-2015
lol this means war... ya'll comments got me tearing out lmao
pancake man  *  6-Jul-2015
@FP u are so right.... i feel sorry for her, she need to change her profession lol lol before she go crazy ward lol
Nubian Queen  *  4-Jul-2015
Dese cherin dese days no easy unuh!! A tip my hat off to the TEACHERS. It's hard wuk.
G-Baby  *  3-Jul-2015
FP a was jus about to say the same thing but then i read the comments a see u already realize it.... poor teacher knock bout all over....a wonder if she regretting now that she became a teacher......
LG  *  2-Jul-2015
Femme.....this teacher have to be on probation or some kind of they dont send she to Toonville....we have some real smart Alecks here too! that would be torture!
LG  *  2-Jul-2015
No wasnt was his big brother one with the same dog!!!...I feel sorry for this teacher cause they put she to teach all the kids who tek the short bus!!!! (Rude and dunce no tail) they in summer school!...and she still have to teach pre-school.
Femme Pouvoir  *  2-Jul-2015
Wait but this ain't the same teacher that he told that he ain't know who is the PM but she needs to take care of her domestic affairs,well he is a smart one
#obviouusly  *  2-Jul-2015
Well,dughh ,madame teacher they have the same dog they are brothers it takes a student to tell you that #obviously & #visitDr.Common-Sense
Rough House  *  2-Jul-2015
Guess the dog gave both of them the same story.....LOL.
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