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Anyone Up For Tea
Monday, 6 July, 2015
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LG  *  20-Jul-2015
Comparing notes on RH>... LOL
LG  *  20-Jul-2015
You got that right right Hotta.. lol.. It's so hot and dry us girls could have been sitting by the pool eating, drinkting and laugting it up (in my best Madea voice).... As long you Hotta don't say you seeing rabbits... LOL
Hotta  *  20-Jul-2015
Karen could of well come by me and LG car we would of fed her but she too stuckup
penaydo  *  13-Jul-2015
ya'll mustn't be so hard on karren. ya'll ain't see how BIG that is? lol
G-Baby  *  7-Jul-2015
LG  *  7-Jul-2015
Lol @ G-Baby... Gyul ah not afraid a spiders (cause they travel alone), but me fraid ants..LOL... Dem ants are..."Biting Insects)... Me fraid Gyul a will throw out all me food if a see ants!.. Don't want no kinda "Ants in me Sugar Pan"..LOL
G-Baby  *  7-Jul-2015
well LG how u know??? i fraid them things so bad if i hungry an one them thing by me fridge a flitting an running lol an if e feel e worst than me an not moving then like PM say e have chines, kfc, churches, chester's, ready fry, dominos an etc an i think they all do delivery or most of them
pancake man  *  7-Jul-2015
well Karren u let that spider kill you off when Chinese, KFC churches, chesters redi fry Dominos etc on SPEED DIAL naaaarrrr man u head nuh good.... what in the fridge, the money??? lol lol lol if so u need to find a better hiding spot hahahaha
British MI6  *  6-Jul-2015
What happen? de government waan poison somebody?
LG  *  6-Jul-2015
LOL.. It's G-baby going after dem "Double Desserts".. Gyul G.. Use you Flit you hear!..LOL.. Well if that aint "Anansi".. Flit and Run you hear
Hotta  *  6-Jul-2015
well let me see if i find him, eh em paging Kermit to Toonville...BRA
Whineup  *  6-Jul-2015
well this want Kermit
FB  *  6-Jul-2015
ah me wuk yah...well Karen mek you starve youself? whatever happen to eating out or getting rid of that fridge?? C had you clean you fridge regularly that would of never been in there. hahaaaaa
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