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It's Life Or Death
Thursday, 9 July, 2015
3 Recommends
LG  *  20-Jul-2015
PM.. the water is only 1 mile away. I would go get my water....then go to the shoe sale!
pancake man  *  15-Jul-2015
only something LG and Gbaby would do... make these kind of decisions hhahahahahaha
Nubian Queen  *  10-Jul-2015
Get the water to go the extra miles hon!
Whineup  *  9-Jul-2015
lolol she might as well go for de water cause it aint even look like she have money for 90% sale never mind 50%
LG  *  9-Jul-2015
Femme I agree with you (for some people) Toonman didn't say what kind of sale... I could only imagine it's a shoe sale since Toonman didn't put shoes on your feet...but seriously...these retailers still make their money back even with the deepest discounts.. they not losing..They overprice everything and then claim sale.. LG loves a good bargain, but a not killing myself with their trickery..
Femme Pouvoir  *  9-Jul-2015
There is a saying it is a death we all owe. So some of us will risk it come what may.But LG it did not say what kind of sale anyway anything that say sale you will be surprised to see where money and people come from
LG  *  9-Jul-2015
Well Toonman it's a Shoe Sale! What you think we must do? lol
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