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Safety First!
Tuesday, 14 July, 2015
2 Recommends
Whineup  *  16-Jul-2015
Rough House  *  15-Jul-2015
PM, I won't be leaving the car. I'll drop her off, so if she wants to beat me she would have to reach over the little one and do that.
pancake man  *  15-Jul-2015
hahaha well well u grin big big lol lol she must be cant wait to reach the destination to beat the grin off his face eh lol lol
LG  *  15-Jul-2015
Gyul G.. I not in that car! A done tell you so He say he not taking me no place!. He already know I can tark through de masking tape. That is Him and his woman Hotta and they little love chile Minnie Mouse... Gyul G.. That is RH little "Meet The Browns" family.. Me no in that!
G-Baby  *  15-Jul-2015
LG an whineup a hope u guys make it to ur destination alive caz with ur nose an still mouth cover i don't know how u can breath...RH is such a bad man wid his tricky/evil smile on his face
Whineup  *  14-Jul-2015
hahaaaa...where would you rather be trunk or front seat??? cause trunk sounds like kidnapping to me, need to call de Toonville Popo
LG  *  14-Jul-2015
No worries He have Femme gagged in the and as for me.... He didn't even invite me.. so girl you at least you in the
Whineup  *  14-Jul-2015
hmmmm LG LG LG no mix me
Rough House  *  14-Jul-2015
Nothing but peace and quiet when driving. Some men should try this and they're sure to have full concentration on the road.
LG  *  14-Jul-2015
Hotta ah have a feeling that's Toonman, Mixup and Whineup in the SKNVIBES news van.. LOL...If not then it's Mr. LG, LG Lite and
Hotta  *  14-Jul-2015
Oh Lordt in my Madea voice
LG  *  14-Jul-2015
Well Daddy cover your daughter head too.... cause every time you look in your rear-view mirror ah sure is Minnie Mouse you seeing!.... lol...what a wicked man... lol
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