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Don't Be Too Quick to Judge
Thursday, 16 July, 2015
1 Recommend
redzz  *  22-Jul-2015
nnooooo she wasn't ready!!!!!
penaydo  *  20-Jul-2015
lol i ain't going down there tonight
choosen one  *  18-Jul-2015
granny is a freak.
G-Baby  *  17-Jul-2015
LMAO..... a tru unuh watch tha smile on she face like yes a get it wuk but she sonny boy came bake to quick ...oh d trap was for she sonny boy? LOL
CTY  *  16-Jul-2015
Lol. It's just a slip and fall. Slip happens. Lol.
LG  *  16-Jul-2015
Granny dont look so innocent to me..she look like she set the whole thing up..and how you guys know that is not the chair arm his head resting little birds you toon
Whineup  *  16-Jul-2015
but wait dey de pharmacy next door nuh?? cause partner trip as soon as he left and he came back meet him still in granny lap
cavelle  *  16-Jul-2015
lawd i tell you and see how she a smile oh my
diamond  *  16-Jul-2015
this got me cracking up lol lol lol n granny well smiling lol...
LG  *  16-Jul-2015
and you Lioness dey... You aint ready for LG you Ah send RH to you many toons ago for you to treat him right....So wha he doin by me granny?
LG  *  16-Jul-2015
You no hear de boy say he trip..LOL... That's our story and we sticking wid it!...LOL.. Toonman you naughty likkle byou!... lol.... and RH.. if that's the older me....does that mean that's the younger you?.... LOL
Lioness  *  16-Jul-2015
Haahahha! Look pon granny bout she a smile too, LG that's you granny no gul? Woooieee.
Rough House  *  16-Jul-2015
Toonman, Granny loved the fact that he tripped and fell in her lap. Look at that smirk on her face, she looks like the older version of an LG.
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