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A Slice Of Rum Cake
Monday, 20 July, 2015
2 Recommends
G-Baby  *  22-Jul-2015
LG  *  21-Jul-2015
RH I greatly admire your Tenacity. I must say it makes me weak in the we live in a Virtual world !!!so lets be "Real"....Who's baking those cakes you eating? .......Mm Hmm..(ME). That's what I thought.. lol..You give me love... I give you cake... "You cant have your cake and eat it too"..LOL
Rough House  *  21-Jul-2015
G-Baby, we might as well have had that cake. We still get into to it everyday without that cake, she just don't know how to appreciate love and give love in return. I have done everything for her I possibly can, and it still isn't enough. I really need about two of those cakes for when she comes home.
LG  *  21-Jul-2015 not Egg him They don't serve Rum Cake & Black cake at Obeah wedding..LOL.. Is pure Bloody Mary's and Raw Chicken they serving.. Don't bother wid RH...LOL...
G-Baby  *  21-Jul-2015
seems like u had in mine for u an LG to b at it everyday after d wedding or u wanted a kool down from d wedding stress???
Rough House  *  20-Jul-2015
That should have been my wedding cake when LG and I got married.
CTY  *  20-Jul-2015
Is long time he want hit de boss but when he sober up, i bet he's going to blame it on the rum cake. He's going to blame it on the Aa Aa Aa Alcohol.
LG  *  20-Jul-2015
Toonman please send me a piece of your all of a sudden this muffin taste very Oh..and mek sure you'll have a job opening for me too!.. lol
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