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Old Time Remedies
Thursday, 23 July, 2015
4 Recommends
LG  *  27-Jul-2015
@ CTY............ PEA BUSH..........LOL.. (a couldn't help myself with that answer)...LOL
CTY  *  27-Jul-2015
What's the remedy for drinking too much tea? Tea.
Mixup  *  24-Jul-2015
lolol hahaaa @LG
LG  *  24-Jul-2015
No de bush to Femme if you want get rid a de thats your using de bush! ...Femme looking and you trying to get rid...lawd help you
Whineup  *  24-Jul-2015
lolol @ PM and wrong child somebody point me to where Granny stand be dey please
LG  *  23-Jul-2015
Just so long as granny have bush for "Alimony" in....All e money you owe me when you left!
Rough House  *  23-Jul-2015
Wait, Granny got bush for "Child Support" too? That is one hell of a bush! I wonder if she's got bush for "Wrong Child"?
Rough House  *  23-Jul-2015
Granny, what will happen if I mix all those bush together?
LG  *  23-Jul-2015
Femme she have a "Bush" for that too...LOL... I will call you with the details.... LOL
Femme Pouvoir  *  23-Jul-2015
Best cartoon for the year.I wonder if she has any bush to bring back youth and husband
Lioness  *  23-Jul-2015
I wonder what bush granny got for child support? LOL. PM go support you pickney!
Gramoni  *  23-Jul-2015
LG! I am in agreement with you
LG  *  23-Jul-2015
My kinda Granny. This is my Grandmother and Mother to a "Tea" (no pun yes it was)...Hopefully I'll learn their craft and someday it will be for now I just recommend tea, vicks and Alcolado for
Gramoni  *  23-Jul-2015
Granny got a bush for every sickness, even for death.that is to show that nothing better than local remedy.BIG UP GRANNY.
Gramoni  *  23-Jul-2015
the bush did not kill him, granny got a bush tea to bring back someone to life, that's how good granny is.
Hotta  *  23-Jul-2015
wait granny got a bush for death too oh goodness, no man plz tell me de name a dah bush dey well well granny you good
Gramoni  *  23-Jul-2015
I like this, this can't get any better
Gramoni  *  23-Jul-2015
natural remedy is the inthing, go granny
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