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Hide and Seek
Friday, 31 July, 2015
3 Recommends
BoomPanic  *  10-Aug-2015
Well with so much bad news I do glad to hear something positive at my door !
pancake man  *  9-Aug-2015
its not funny GBaby when a couple of these witness just left your door and two more groups behind to talk about the same thing... naaarrrrr not kool
pancake man  *  9-Aug-2015
lol LG i had to peep out my window when i heard them coming down the road, the whole neighborhood shut their dorrs and windows like HURRICANE coming lol lol i swear we getting hit by a tornado lol
G-Baby  *  5-Aug-2015
LG u said it wrong it's not waiting for sumone to answer the door it waiting for sumone to turn on de sprinklers LOL
LG  *  3-Aug-2015
Hotta.. lol... Are you the girl behind the curtain or 1/2 of the couple standing outside waiting for someone to answer the and Toonman... "what tracks?...Their hands look empty to
Hotta  *  3-Aug-2015
i had this experience the other day jed
Femme Pouvoir  *  31-Jul-2015
No girl they are Jehovah Witnesses the real ones not those that went to steal from Rams. Well if you all ain't want to hear the word of God then you will sure listen to the words of the devil
LG  *  31-Jul-2015
and is it just me or the couple outside looks like that Famous "American Gothic" portrait?
LG  *  31-Jul-2015
LOL that is sooo wrong lol ... But ah bet if it was hair or weave tracks they had in dey hand then she would open that door fast fast!
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