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Back To Work
Wednesday, 5 August, 2015
3 Recommends
pancake man  *  9-Aug-2015
naaarrrr man Boss out of his place, that's why the staff taking personal days instead of sick leave lol lol
CTY  *  6-Aug-2015
What he really want is not a day nurse. He wants a night nurse.
Gramoni  *  6-Aug-2015
sick or no sick whatever it takes even if they have to drag you in. Then if you fall down dead on the job they put a wreath on the door stating another fool just die we need another one. NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Gramoni  *  6-Aug-2015
Believe it or not these bosses don't care one foot if you fall down dead, just as long as they get their work done. there is always someone else out there to do it.
Femme Pouvoir  *  6-Aug-2015
With all that tender loving care and massages he will surely get well soon.I believe that's a fake cast just to stay home.
Hotta  *  5-Aug-2015
sounds like he real important bossman willing to spend more money to keep him at work unlike me who getting paid to stay home
Rough House  *  5-Aug-2015
BTW, Toonman if that is you, you have no need to stay at home. Afterall, you don't write with your feet.
Rough House  *  5-Aug-2015
Yeah me boy! Regardless of your injury, you need to report to work by all means necessary. Even if it means paying a medical institution to assign a nurse to our office just for you. Toonman, is that you after the long weekend?
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