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Caution, Wet Floor
Friday, 7 August, 2015
3 Recommends
LG  *  17-Aug-2015
She needs to be locked up for leaving that puddle a water on that floor! Furthermore a not going call she wreckless, but she could mop late at night or foreday marning when nobody arouund to walk pan it!,
pancake man  *  14-Aug-2015
hahahaha u tell them GBaby..... come off the woman floor, u nuh hear lol
Hotta  *  10-Aug-2015
Oh my
G-Baby  *  10-Aug-2015
LOL thats rite not a man cum me wet floor .....think this is???
pancake man  *  9-Aug-2015
MAN DOWN MAN DOWN Gbaby gone super saiyan... no man allow on the wet floor or get shot hahhahahahahahaha THESE ARE SOME SERIOUS TIMES (singing) lol lol lol
pancake man  *  9-Aug-2015
hello Mr Officer where you think you going on the woman wet floor... these Caribbean people taking this thing too serious lol lol lol
Femme Pouvoir  *  8-Aug-2015
This one sweet the big COP should know better too if the floor is still wet he ain't care if the woman shoot all of the policemen on site.Boys you all right to be careful see.He in he office giving orders it ain't he gonna loose he life .To take this to this level to shoot a man for walking on a wet floor is more than serious all you ain't sure more to this.
Penaydo  *  7-Aug-2015
lmao wow she take this cleaning thing serious boy
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