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When Names Go Overboard
Monday, 5 October, 2015
6 Recommends
wiki  *  16-Oct-2015
Pikachu is a short chubby rodent found in ghettos
Five n Snow mommy  *  12-Oct-2015
my babies names are so simple Five and Snow go sit down sms
whine Up  *  12-Oct-2015
Pikachu ez no man... i was thinking African too..sms
shequanaynay  *  9-Oct-2015
Lioness you right
Pikachu  *  7-Oct-2015
@Lioness oh please shut up... i find you very outta order.. if you had know anything about ANYTHING at all you would have known it's probably like an African name or something along that line. don't start me you know.... i'll Thunder Bolt you SK---NT!!!
Fruita  *  6-Oct-2015
Anybody else notice the person in the book name "Guuurl"? Jus me? Ok
LG  *  6-Oct-2015
Lioness they does have to spend too much time fighting to defend their Poor Kids..
LG  *  6-Oct-2015
LOL..LOL @ Lioness... #ratchets...LOL
Lioness  *  6-Oct-2015
What a ghetto foolish name! Then some parents wonder why their children does act so...give your children meaningful names! #ratchets
LG  *  5-Oct-2015
I know if I was that teacher I wouldn't pronounce a syllable past "Qua"....Ah would say "Qua...(then Sneeze) then say "A"... and you know they parents HAVE DE NERVE to get upset and try to correct you.. Pla..eese!.. those are "straight up" Dinosaur names!... Dilophosaurus....Brachiosaurus..Shequanasaurus Smith!
whine Up  *  5-Oct-2015
she moda woulda have to come school everyday to call dat name dey fu me
Hotta  *  5-Oct-2015
Well well shuana outta order and as for ms qualifrada mm if i was your teacher i would of just pass over you name every day car you nar go bust up me tongue nar hut me head jed
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