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Something's Not Right
Tuesday, 27 October, 2015
3 Recommends
Lioness  *  28-Oct-2015
LG I am neither Alex or Marcie lol. Sorry for them though.
LG  *  28-Oct-2015
So Lioness are you Alexis? LOLOL
Lioness  *  28-Oct-2015
TM i believe you does be watching IfLovingYouIsWrong that looks like Brad lol. Randall you really shouldnt have asked cause the baby is yours LMAO!
CTY  *  27-Oct-2015
@LG. Yes, I know what.
LG  *  27-Oct-2015
@ CTY...LOL... Well he have your vasectomy on de street and somebody hungry cat in his......You know what.. nevermind.. Im leaving... It's a long drive home.. You'll are too much LOL
CTY  *  27-Oct-2015
@LG. I cant understand how u a say that me in TM business and he does be in all a we business. Look there, he got all me vasectomy business on de street.
LG  *  27-Oct-2015
Well Hotta..Who nar get "Jacket" a get "Pillow Case".....LOL... He even wear de man shirt go teach school...(yup see 23 Oct)..., Have de man "Ravenous Kitty " up in he bed...and now acting like a See dem kinda friend dey...Things that make you shake your head and say... Shaaammme!.... This story real Scandalous...Wait till dey reach on Maury show.....LOL
Hotta  *  27-Oct-2015
hahaa a tell you leave it to LG me luv u so....RH no hit me enuh a does bat right hand
LG  *  27-Oct-2015
Gyul news sweeter than that.... Checkout de colour a de man shirt and de colour of Toonman pillow case in the last toon...LOL...'s a soap Don't seem like that Kitty is hungry one little bit..LOL... Just no say LG point that out.. That's all.. LOL
Hotta  *  27-Oct-2015
serves him right for doing it and not telling his wife...coverface both y'all dishonest
mixup  *  27-Oct-2015
me just cant tek de mix up enuh...y you gone and change up de tin? you wrong she wrong n who going feel de squeeze de poor innocent baby, if de child black is de one you talking to do it....lmao
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