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You Asked For It
Monday, 2 November, 2015
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Hotta  *  2-Nov-2015
RH he aint just ask for a loyal partner eh and since this aint de stone age time which woman a today going do as he ask n be at he beck n call and just for the record only a woman dog is loyal so that should tell you sumn
LG  *  2-Nov-2015
@Whineup... LG is not one to cut off her nose to spite her face.......If you know what a mean (wink Wink)... So when you tell me cut it off..... Wha I going do? Have Toonman draw me a new one?... No no no..don't think so....... You let him run round swinging like a pendulum.... You leave it right there.. No bobbit here...LOL
Rough House  *  2-Nov-2015
Toonman what's up with granting his wish with that mutt? Are you saying women could never be loyal, and it takes a dog to define such? If that's the case, I agree. LOL.
whine Up  *  2-Nov-2015
HAhahaa @LG, Hotta please erase LG mind b4 she go ring or cut off RH ding dong
Femme Pouvoir  *  2-Nov-2015
Boy you got the best wish -Man's best friend it sticl closer than a friend or brother
LG  *  2-Nov-2015
LMAOF @ Hotta and whine up... Hotta just so you know.. I am a "Visual Thinker" okay.... Now I cannot erase the "Swinging Ding-Dong" image out of my head.... LOL
Hotta  *  2-Nov-2015
hmmm he sure did, hope he is willing to do the same lolol because most men want a loyal woman at home while dem run up n dung de place swinging dey ding dong
whine Up  *  2-Nov-2015
Hahahaaa he could a just come knock on me door
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