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Wednesday, 4 November, 2015
1 Recommend
penaydo  *  11-Nov-2015
lmao i ain't gone give him no wrong
LG  *  6-Nov-2015
(Eyes Wide Open) ...Oh Goodness (in my bourgeois, Uppity Voice) Lioness... I didn't know that word had a spelling.... LOL
Lioness  *  6-Nov-2015
Oh me twone! LOL well he is a real kunumuno the poor woman dead now lol.
Rough House  *  5-Nov-2015
I know LG. That is why I try not to include too much iron in your diet.
LG  *  5-Nov-2015
Is the Medicine baby.. its the Medicine. "The Iron got me so basodie" didn't know what "Feeling Ah Feeling"...
Rough House  *  5-Nov-2015
LG, the woman I was shaking was you. I knew you were sick, but not that sick to the point where you would not have remembered this.
LG  *  5-Nov-2015
Oh Femme! Oh Femme!.(smh)...LOL.. My sistah from my "Ivory" Momma.. LOL... Femme how you justifying RH shaking the living daylights out of that woman and not the bottle?..LOL
Femme Pouvoir  *  5-Nov-2015
He shook the wrong bottle or him just cant read but to think of it the direction could mean either shake the person or the bottle.LOL
G-Baby  *  5-Nov-2015
LOL well LG, RH had in mine to kill u...try not to get sick again u hear we dont want to miss u yet
Rough House  *  4-Nov-2015
LG, it's a good thing you were sick at that point in time and don't remember all that shaking. I took very good care of you and will always do "My LG".
LG  *  4-Nov-2015
Mmmm... Check out RH in his "Wife Beater" shirt or as the older people call it.."Murina" .......RH you shaking the life out de woman..ley she go!
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